Jardier (Jaroslav Honzik)

Jardier (Jaroslav Honzik)

Jardier (Jaroslav Honzik) is one of the fastest sim racers in the world. He has a racing background as a real race driver.  Jardier prides himself as being a gentleman driver, always racing fairly, showing great spacial awareness and respect to other drivers.

He started streaming his races live and has grown a vast amount of subscribers, both on YouTube and on his Discord channel.  His subscribers on Youtube has grown by 10x in the past six months alone!  With the help of his subscribers, patrons, donators, sponsors (Thrustmaster) and Youtube revenue, Jardier is aiming to become a full-time Youtube streamer and video creator… and when the time is right, get back into real motor racing.

Jardier is also blessed with an amazing supportive fiance, who is always there in the background and attends race meetings with him.

Why is Jardier so popular?

Jardier (Jaroslav Honzik), doing his famous victory dance.It’s not very often you find a guy like Jardier… Extremely fast on the race track in almost every class of cars, super competitive, fair and gentleman-like, respectful of other drivers, funny, caring, generous…. the list goes on.  He attracts like-minded people, so in his Discord chat channels you will find people asking questions about setups and their is always offers of help from Jardier’s community.  Very often, it is Jardier himself jumping in to offer help and advice!  Then, of course, after every race where Jardier finishes on the podium, there is his famous victory dance, which now has become a ritual to the amusement of his fans.